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I'm addicted to learning about software engineering and IT. The last couple of years i've been focusing in topics like concurrent languages, distributed systems, cloud infrastructure, the web and mobile. If I stay some time without learning something new i feel unproductive. I think that's not very healthy but well here we are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My primary sources are twitter and HackerNews, which are social aggregators of information. I haven't found anything better. I try to follow the sources of knowledge and deactivate almost all retweets.

I also love tech talks. I watch most of them in YouTube: learn from the masters from home. Blowmind. I listen to some podcasts but not consistently. Basta ya de picar and We.Developers are my favourites in spanish. And i don't know why but i've tried some online courses platforms but i never finish any course. I guess i'm not very good at doing something consistently in my spare time.

Sometimes I like to attend in person to tech talks because later I can interact with the speaker and the attendees, which can give me different insights, even off-topic ones: I'm very interested in learning things from people who has a similar job in life related with time management, family, traveling, sports, hobbies, side projects etc. I also think that's why lately I'm very interested in remote work and the digital nomad movement.

So i try to go to local tech meetups and conferences. Lately I've been involved with the Golang Barcelona meetup guys and helped making a couple of events at my company offices and i've enjoyed it a lot. Even I made a couple of talks, which has been a great experience.

About conferences, I've had the chance (thanks Social Point & Trovit!) to attend to several international ones in the last years, mainly related with Erlang, Golang and the Symfony PHP framework. I also have attended the Craft Conf a couple of times and it's been the best experience by a BIG margin. One can always learn, but I've arrived to the conclusion that once you reach a certain seniority impact of the things that you can learn in certain conferences is limited if you are into that topic in your day job. By contrast, there are some confs that are more general and inspirational where I feel that I'm really learning a lot and that gives me inspiration and motivation to keep on improving. The CraftConf is one of them for sure. If you have more recommendations please share them with me!

Last week i attended to the Golang UK in London. I've been programming Go full time for almost the last two years, so it made sense to attend to a big Go conf, and since the GopherCon (Denver, US) is a little far from Barcelona I decided that going to the Golang UK was a good pick.

The overall experience has been really good: the colleagues I went with are amazing (Alberto, Ferran, Hernán & Sergio <3), London is one of the most interesting cities in the world and the thing that made it so great is that the first day we attended the Ultimate Go workshop done by Bill Kennedy. He's an outstanding speaker with a broad experience, kept everyone engaged with his presentation style and gave us tons of insights and advices related to computer architecture, data-driven programming, interface design, Go programming and tons of other things. In the first hour of the workshop i felt that going to London was worth the cost. We also took a lot of notes collaboratively with hackmd.io, a very powerful online editing tool based in markdown and web formats that i discovered recently and i'm using a lot. You can find our notes in the the workshop hackmd. Hope you enjoy them.

After the workshop, the following two days were the conference days. The organisation, food and venue were great. About the talks given, a few I really liked, some of them were OK and the rest they not were that much interesting being realistic. I think it's because 30 minutes was too short time for exposing a topic properly without being too general, and also there was no Q&A. But well, I also could attend more talks thanks to this format so in the end I'm not sure whether I really liked it or not. We also tooks tons of notes, you can find them in the conference hackmd.

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