about svbtle and wp-svbtle


The wordpress theme which this blog is currently using is called (as the bottom-left icon of the page shows) wp-svbtle.

This is a really slick theme inspired by the blogger network svbtle, a quite new but very promising network of tech bloggers started by Dustin Curtis. It features high quality writers and great content so i think its very worth spending some time reading some of them. If you prefer you can follow the best posts in their twitter feed account.

I think svbtle's minimalistic design is really good. Its main porpouse is to "focus on the writing, the news, and the ideas. Everything else is a distraction". Very close to the the UNIX philosophy: "do one thing and do it well".

wp-svbtle is a wordpress theme that recreates a similar blogging environment as you can see in this blog.

Hope you like it!

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