How to install TeX Live 2012 and moderncv in Ubuntu Precise Pangolin


Time to upgrade you resume/curriculum vitae!

moderncv is a beautiful template for creating resumes (curriculum vitae) in LaTeX. LaTeX is a markup language and also a system designed for generate high quality documents. Almost all scientific papers and most books published nowadays are generated with this system.

You can see an example of a CV using moderncv's template in Michae'ls Write github.

First, download Michel's files from his git repository:

Next, download modernv package from CTAN:

Let's put Michael and moderncv files together:

Now, to be able to generate something similar we need to compile Michael's mwright-resume.tex file to a DVI or PDF using the TeX Live suite.

Sadly the current Ubuntu version (Precise Pangolin) comes with a quite old TeX Live version (2009). To be able to compile Michael's moderncv template we need to update it to version 2012. Here are the steps to do it according to this thread in the ubuntu forums:

Now if we try to compile the document...

... it will shoot this nice error:

So let's try with lualatex:

Now if we compile the document like this:

We will get, among others, a mwright-resume.pdf file filled with Michael's data.

We just need to edit the original .tex file, set our resume's data, compile it with lualatex and we will have an awesome designed resume like Michael's one.

4 thoughts on “How to install TeX Live 2012 and moderncv in Ubuntu Precise Pangolin

  1. Miguel Tormo

    Sorry but this is the type of thing that I don't understand.

    Why you do not use a document as a template, a .doc .rtf etc and edit it with a wysiwyg editor like OpenOffice, Word or whatever?.. this is the typical thing that takes you a lot of time when you can use this time to descript your resume better.

    Why is the reason to download a lot of tools, update the system, compile templates etc etc?

  2. Rob

    Great post - one thing to mention is that the github version of the resume and the resume template (mwright-resume.tex) look slightly different. Just figured out it was all in the documentclass - to get the same look change to:

    \documentclass[10pt, letterpaper, sans]{moderncv}

    Just in case anyone else gets tripped up ~

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