How to make Canon Selphy CP900 photography printer work in OSX El Capitan


Since Canon does not provide CP900 drivers for latest OSX versions (shame on you Canon!) maybe these steps will help you:

  • Start the printer and connect it to your Mac via USB interface (yes, does not work with Wifi). Check out that the printer screen shows a computer connected to a printer.
  • Download the Gunterprint free software drivers for OSX from here.
  • Unpackage and install the drivers.
  • Go to Printers & Scanners in the control panel.
  • Add a new printer.
  • A Canon CP900 printer will appear with USB Kind value. Wait a little, a new one will appear with Kind guttenprint52+usb (52 because i downloaded drivers version 5.2). Click on the latter, and then click on the Use selector, and then choose the Canon SELPHY Cp900 - CUPS+Gutenprint Simplified. For some obscure reason just the Simplified driver worked for me. Now click on Add.
  • Try to print and voilà! Bear in mind that this printer sheets are 15x10 so change it accordingly in the print configuration dialog.

26 thoughts on “How to make Canon Selphy CP900 photography printer work in OSX El Capitan

  1. Kurt Müller

    iMac, EL Capitan 10.11.2, Canon CP900
    Followed your instructions.
    1) Downloaded Gutenprint 5.2.10, on installation it says: have nothing to install
    2) Downloaded Gutenprint 5.2.11-pre2, installation succeded
    3) Plugin CP900 to USB
    4) Control Panel, Printers & Scanners, Add new printer, ... followed your instructions
    5) Launch SelphyPhotoprint (
    6) Select one picture, on print preview, the picture does not fit (was ok before)
    7) Print: Print queue says: could not claim printer interface after 10 attempts
    8) On quit SelphyPhotoprint, the printer starts to print, but flaw colors and wrong scale
    -> Annoying, Very annoying

  2. Matt

    I've printed 3 photos out using this method, all worked perfectly. Canon driver for Yosemite won't install on El Capitan (kinda stupid situation) and so this is the only way to print via USB. I guess you could transfer a photo to an SD card then print from the SD card on the Selphy without using your Mac. Trouble with this method is it slows the overall process down (obviously) and also you can't use Lightroom to directly print (LR has lots of useful printing templates which some people might use). Anyway, short conclusion is; THANKS!!

  3. SAM

    Hi, I got it to work thanks, but I can no longer do a fill print. It is leaving a border. Is there anything you can suggest?

  4. adc

    may selphy cp 820 doesnt work on my mountain lion.. if i upgrade it to el capitan will it work? so desperate with this printer

  5. Poor colours compared to standard drivers used on yosemite. No options for border or borderless images. Doesn't centre either.

    Not a solution for me sorry :-(

  6. George

    Congrats! Your tutorial is very detailed (too detailed I would say), and you did a great job by sharing your experience with us. Now I don't have to downgrade my Capitan to Sergeant :), or buy another printer. Anyway, as far as I know not even the newest Canon printers can work with El Capitan. Am I wrong?
    Mulţumesc from Romania!
    PS: My printer is CP810

  7. Sylvain

    It works with CP1000 too. It hasn't any drivers for el capitan OS. I was down in the dumps because my printer is new and I can't print. But now it' s a solved problem.

  8. Andrea T

    Thanks Gonzalo, this helped me print with me old CP400 as well.

    I printed from both Apple's Preview and Gimp, worked like a charm. In Gimp you have to tweak with the page settings.

  9. Jacek

    That's wonderful! I have El Captain and oooold CP400, which had some really outdated drivers for Windows XP... and it worked like charm!

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